If you are in the UK and you want mobile broadband or a contract mobile phone but you have a poor credit rating, you should not despair because you can still be able to get a phone contract. There are very many people in the UK who are denied mobile phone contracts because of bad credit history. It is however possible to get a mobile contract phone if you have bad credit by considering certain providers and your reasons for bad credit. Below are a few guidelines that will help you secure a contract mobile phone or a mobile broadband if you have bad credit.

1. Provider acceptance rates: If you have a really bad credit score, you need to consider providers that have a high acceptance rates. For instance, providers like Virgin mobile are among the best providers to consider if you have very bad credit scores. This is because they currently have higher acceptance rates compared to other providers. They also offer good selections for free mobile phones and affordable monthly tariffs. Other providers to consider with similar acceptance rates include Three and Vodafone.

2. Handset and tariff choice: another key consideration to look out for when looking for UK contract phones for bad credit is the kind/type of handset you decide to choose. If you already have bad credit, then you should be realistic when choosing a new handset and the tariff. This is because all networks attach a certain risk level to each and every application. If you thus decide to apply for an expensive phone and you have bad credit, then your application is more likely to fail due to high risk.

The same applies to tariffs. If you have a bad credit rating and you decide to apply for an expensive tariff that has a lots of free texts and minutes then your application will probably be rejected. Instead you should choose a cheap tariff and mobile phone to increase your chances of being accepted. It is always important to remember that once you prove your worth, you will be able to upgrade and get a better phone. Examples of providers that have a good selection of cheap phones and tariffs include; orange and Virgin.

3. Existing phone with a new contract: If you have an existing phone but need a new contract, it is possible to get one. All networks provide for SIM only contracts even for people with bad credit. These kinds of contracts are great for individuals who have existing mobile phones and yet they have bad credit. Networks provide SIM only contracts easily because they do not have to come with subsidised phone costs that offer additional risk. It is however important to note that it is wiser to apply SIM only contracts that offer low monthly fees i.e. 30 day SIM only contracts. Also, the contracts after a few months provide you with upgrading options to get a new phone or a better tariff.

In summary, it is not impossible to get UK contract phones for bad credit. All you need to do is to go to providers that have good acceptance rates and choose a tariff and a phone that will increase your chances for acceptance. After you get your contract, focus on paying your bills on time to improve your rating.